The layering system comprises three layers of clothing, which each have a specific task:

The first layer comes in direct contact with the skin. It quickly and efficiently wicks away sweat to the exterior and prevents the body from cooling down rapidly. Our functional underwear and base layers are ideal for this first layer of clothing.

The second layer provides insulation and wicks away moisture from the first layer. Depending on the activity, outdoor shirts, fleeces, light down jackets or jackets with a light synthetic fibre interlining form the second layer of clothing. The different materials make it possible to perfectly adjust insulation to match the temperature and activity.

The third layer ensures weather protection. If it’s mostly dry, softshells are a convenient option. They are wind-resistant and water-repellent and provide adequate weather protection against approx. 90% of weather situations. They also guarantee impressive climate comfort. If you’re looking for 100% weather protection, our weatherproof jackets are ideal: they are waterproof, windproof and breathable!